Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who You Gonna Casting Call?

So not even a full eight hours after my Radiohead rant, someone calls me on the carpet to point out that you could get close up tickets through pre-sale on the band's website. Not unlike I'm planning to do vis a vis Nine Inch Nails tickets later this month.

*humbly hangs head*

On the plus side, it turns out someone actually reads this garbage I post (myself not being sophisticated enough to monitor my web traffic... or is it just "too lazy"?)

*wonders if "vis a vis" was used correctly above*


Abby and I watched Ghostbusters last night, which I hadn't seen in a while. That film was a staple of my childhood, along with it's mediocre sequel. 'Tis a classic movie. When Walter Peck came in (the EPA villain) Abby suggested that if the movie were made today, his part would be played by Philip Seymor Hoffman. And we got onto awhole thing about who would be in it if it were re-made. Abby proposed that it would be a Wes Anderson film with Owen Wilson as Peter Venkman, Natalie Portman as Dana Barret, Adrian Brody as Egon, Jason Schwartzman as Ray. She suggested Mos Def as Winston (although she was torn between him, Samuel L. Jackson, and Chewitel Ejiofor) and I suggested Michael Cera to play Louis Tulley.

We both agreed that Bill Murray should cameo as the mayor of New York.

I was thinking of casting slightly older. Maybe Robert Downey, Jr. as Venkman, Ioan Gruffod (a.k.a. "Mr. Fantastic") as Egon, and Orlando Jones as Winston. I have literally no ideas for Ray, but it would inevitably end up being Jack Black--and I'm not thrilled about that. Who else can play frenetic-nerd as well as Dan Akroyd? Any ideas? Sound off below.

And if you haven't seen the red-band trailer for "Tropic Thunder" yet, check it out (I don't have the link close by, just Google-search it). I'm starting to get excited about that one, especially now that the negative reviews are rolling in for Indy 4.


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