Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Open Letter to the Foreign Purveyors of File-Host Sites

So you want to make some money on the internet. Be my guest. You find that there's a lot to be made in porn. Groovy. To each his own. Live and let live, I say. And so you advertise "adult" stuff when you host files/videos that would be categorized as Not-Safe-For-Work.

And you want to take it a step further and use cartoon characters in these ads that would be familiar to American audiences. I gotta be honest, I find the depiction of popular cartoon characters engaged in explicit sexual acts to be vaguely unsettling, not to mention a bit distracting. It would be one thing if there were some artistic statement being made. Maybe if Mickey Mouse were corn-holing the Statue of Liberty or something. But no, this is pretty shameless commercial exploitation, which I don't have an inherent problem with, but you have got to start doing a little more research. Let's take a look (metaphorically speaking--I'm not actually going to post pictures here).

Peter and Lois Griffin a la Family Guy, well, it's not like they don't have sex on the show. Fine, whatever, I can dig it.

Mario and Princess Peach a la Super Mario Bros. Wow. Again, not really my thing, but it makes sense, it reaches your audience of nerdy, lonely men. It's certainly not the first time anyone has drawn Peach in the buff.

But I have to draw the line at Lisa and Bart Simpson. You've drawn them as adults, so it's not cartoon kiddie porn--way to sidestep that one. But at the end of the day, you still have a picture of a girl fellating her brother. And for that to pop up (so to speak) at the side of the screen makes it fairly difficult for me to watch... well... anything. Maybe you could substitute the Scooby-Doo gang, or something else that is less immediately sick and wrong.

Just a thought,

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Abigail R. said...

and now everyone sing -
"The internet is for PORN, the internet is for PORN... PORN, PORN, PORN..."

but really, do you want to suggest using the Scooby Doo gang instead 'cause that just means that it's going to be bestiality instead of incest. just saying...