Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Captions and Coffins

So last night I found out that I won this week's Insert Caption The Wackness Contest on Cinematical. The results won't post until tomorrow (I think), so the link above will take you to the entry page, which is also the results page for last week, in which I took second place. Prizes vary by week--last week I won a Guru Pitka Magic 8-ball, which will be joining me on next weekend's float trip (and probably not returning). This week, the prize is a Sony Portable DVD player--which should arrive in time for our plane trip to Vegas.


In spite of the badass-ness of the prize, there weren't very many entries (mine is #8 in the list, and as of my notification, there were only 31), especially when compared to the contest for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which had 94 entrants vying for a poster, soundtrack and
making-of book. I'm guessing that the anticipation of the movie being lampooned is much more of a factor, and I guess I lucked out in that most people aren't that jones'd about The Wackness.

And in sadder news, this evening is Kimbo's funeral, which I will be attending.



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