Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kurt Responds to: Kaboom!!!!

Lots of posts today.

A friend of mine went on an amusing rant about the demonstrably nuclear Iran and how the innocent (like, you know, us, relatively speaking) have a serious chance of being caught in the crossfire of a Middle-East ethnic war.

I can't help but have a moment of reflection. Is this how the rest of the world felt when The U.S. and Russia were in perennial detente? Follow the thought process if you will: we cannot prevent other countries from developing nuclear arms programs, much as we'd like to. There are 300 million Americans (only a few thousand of which care enough to act) and, apparently, billions of people in the world. Other countries are also going to hate each other for reasons that defy all sensibility (that is to say, religious reasons). Other nations are going to experience the joy of brinksmanship. How do we protect our own?

Well, we could start by not getting, you know, involved, so much. Honestly, do you think the Belgians were all that scared in the 60's?


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