Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's Up, Sweet Cake?

Right now I'm listening to the Seatbelts--I've got most of the Cowboy Bebop OST's, and I've been running through them throughout the day. I'm on the Future Blues album, disc 1 (hoping I'll finish the double-album before the day is out. Depends on how much the phone rings.

So, anyway, the starting track, 24 hours Open, is playing right now, carnival music overlaid with gunshots, alarms, and people screaming, and it occurs to me...

I've got some freaking strange taste in music.

But I love this stuff. For starters, Yoko Kanno is a genius. It's mostly jazz and rock fusion, with some bluegrass thrown in for good measure, but at it's heart, the Seatbelts are a band that play background music, so they tend to play whatever is called for by that particular episode: heavy metal, incidental, instrumental, a capella, whatever. It's fun to hear a very clever Japanese composer take a stab at the broad swath of American music.


PS. - Anybody who can guess what the title is a reference too wins a prize. Not a good prize. Actually, no prize. But write it in the comments anyway.

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