Monday, August 11, 2008

Its Our Tree, But Much of the Root Structure is in the Neighbor's Septic Tank

So today I found, a social network site centered on genealogy. I've a couple of relatives who were interested in family trees, one of whom is now deceased and the other being a very, very distant relative over in Germany (he hosts the website, a network site devoted to the Pankau namesake, so I thought he'd get a kick of this). And I must confess that I'm somewhat intrigued.

On the one hand, genealogy is kind of like existentialism-lite. I like the idea of watching your own family tree grow as other people fill in the gaps--discovering connections, meeting people that you don't like. On the other hand, does the world really need another social networking site?

So, the thing claims to be in open beta, and I'm happy to try it out, and it's pretty bug-free (so far) all things considered. Worth a look.

In other news, Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes both died over the weekend. Between those deaths and Morgan Freeman's car accident, this has not been a very good week for black entertainers.


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