Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Speaking of Unsolicited

I've been getting more spam than usual lately. Not that it's an issue, because gmail has the best spam-filter evarr, but still, the fact that the little number on the left next to the "spam" link is on average higher than the day before bothers me. On principle.

I routinely empty out my spam folder and when I do so, I scan the titles briefly to see if anything solicited has found it's way in. This rarely happens. But I couldn't help noticing the inordinate number of spam messages touting an Angelina Jolie sex tape.

So, what gives? Is there some new Jolie look-alike who's agreed to get naked, or has someone just started looping the two-fifths of a second of Hackers in which she exposes a pre-augmentation breast?

And speaking of spam...

Did you know that spam was invented by lawyers? True story.

Anywho. Speaking of solicitation, I got a sales call about car warranties on the phone at the office, and not thirty seconds after hanging up, I got the same call on my cell phone. The irony was lost on the salesman, however, because he was a recording.

And I feel like a bit of a cad, but I linked to here from Cinematical article (I'm in the comments). It honestly was a topic-relevant comment, and the link was pertinent to it. But I still put up a link to my own site in a comment on another site. I'm conflicted.


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