Friday, October 31, 2008

October Musings

Ah, I do love this time of year.  The weather turns cool, the days get eerily short--especially in the weeks just prior to Daylight Savings Time.

Also: pumpkin-flavored everything.  Beer, cheesecake, ice cream, cookies.  Love it.

The trees all looke like they're dying.  Religious folk get all weird about the more macabre religious holidays (yes, Halloween has it's roots in the church).  It all gets killed for me by DST, though--the crushing blow to morale that accompanies losing a precious hour of sleep is too much.  Although I find it ironic that it occurs on the Day of the Dead this year.  I wonder if the dead relatives of the Latin population of this country will be disappointed that their one day of the year has been cut short.

They could just start in New York and road trip West--capitalize on the time zones.  Just a thought.

And in sad news we lost a rat last night.  We're down to one, and this one has huge cancerous growths, so we don't really expect her to last the year.



Abigail R. said...

actually i was thinking about it - DST doesn't actually fall on day of the dead. DST happens at like 2am sunday morning so it misses day of the dead by a couple hours. so no worries this year; next year is another matter, however.

Kurt said...

Actually, we're both right: Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. I was wrong about DST, though, we actually gain an hour. So, even the bits of this post that should have been funny failed.