Sunday, December 28, 2008

Don't Talk During Movies and the Musical Alphabet

Let this story serve as a warning to people who talk during movies.

In other news, I organized the mp3 collection by song title, started at the beginning, and am just letting it play. There's nearly two weeks of music there, and I only plan on doing this while sitting at the comp at home, so this could take a long-ass while.

Sadly, if you have multiple versions of the same song, you have to listen to them all at once. Listening to Adieu from Cowboy Bebop and then immediately following that with Adieu (Long Version) is a bit harrowing if you don't have something else to do at the same time. Also, the album version of Nirvana's About a Girl sucks. That's right, I'm maybe twenty songs in and I've already had two double-ups.

On the other hand, you get some amusing juxtapositions. The list began with KoRn's A.D.I.D.A.S. and went straight into ABC by the Jackson 5. And I'm in a pretty good stretch right now. Just finished Aeroplane (with it's holy-crap-Flea-is-nuts bassline) and then Clapton's After Midnight, and next up comes Sting's After the Rain, After the Thrill Has Gone by the Eagles, and three different songs called Again buy Lenny Kravitz, Janet Jackson, and Alice in Chains.

Fun stuff. I'll point more of the crazy out as I get to it.


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