Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kiss My Sam Ash!

Holy crap, Amazon sells guitar strings?

What else do they sell?  Guitars?  Check.  Amps?  Check.  Pedals?  Check.  Cables?  Check.

I'm... I'm just... wow.  I might never have to set foot in a music store again.  Do you have any idea how relieving that thought is?

Guitar stores have lost all sex appeal for me.  They have crap selection, are staffed by worthless burnouts, overcharge for everything, and they ask for way too much information when you check out so they can send you their endless catalogs and e-mails.  Once in a blue moon they have a good special, and if you absolutely need to try something before you buy it, then they serve that purpose.  But for shopping--no thank you, I'll take Amazon.

This is perfect for things like strings, they cost half as much and I can get free shipping by purchasing several sets at once--so long as I don't end up in a situation where I need strings right now, I'm set.

This... has been a revelation.


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