Monday, December 15, 2008

Bat Insurance

So, this conversation really happened a few weeks ago (I've trimmed out some of the non-related conversational bits--Evan and I converse in threads, it seems... no pun intended).  I don't know why I was reminded of it, but it's a great example of me taking a quasi-funny joke just a few steps too far.

me: How's your extended weekend going?
11:54 Evan: I'm going bat-shit insance
 me: Heh, for a second there it looked like you said you were going into bat-shit insurance
 Evan: lol
 me: seriously, I smell entrepreneurship... and also guano.
11:55 Evan: bats really do smell quite foul...
11:56 me: Of course, the real motivator that will put us on the map will be the gaggle of radioactive bats (raised on a diet of Corn Nuts) that we will unleash on the city at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve
 Evan: Umm
  you're scaring me
 metoo weird?
 Evan: a bit

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