Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spam-a-cide, part 4

My spam folder is now holding 582 messages and has reached the point where it will start automatically deleting anything 30 days old or older.  Since my spam intake has decreased thanks to some timely arrests in California, 582 (or so) may be a peak.  Once delection kicks in, it should start to drop and then even out around, say, 500 or so, which is impressive, but well shy of the 1500 I'd predicted when I first started this experiment.  And furthermore, I'd be supremely surprised if it manages to crest 600 before the day is out.

I almost wish I'd begun this sooner, because it would have been fun to watch the level decrease from 1500 down to 500 slowly, organically, cathartically.


Bonus rant: how do we know spam is evil?  The first commercial spam was for/by lawyers.


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