Friday, January 23, 2009

Commence Moving

We got the keys to our new place last night, and we're starting to move in this weekend.  Of course, it won't really be "home" until we get the wi-fi hooked up, which won't happen until Thursday.  AT&T informs me that because we have DSL but no phone, it will take a week to get us hooked up--with the implication that we could get set up sooner if we had phone service as well.

Sense.  It makes none.

Regardless, we're going to spend the weekend killing ourselves getting the big stuff moved over and then start migrating over smaller items (we've got our old apartment through the 14th of February).  I have a couple shelves of books that have been designated "Kurt's to pack" that I'll be working on this evening between loads of laundry and ferrying odds and ends to the new place--musical instruments, boxes of books, etc--and packing up dishes.

And supposedly we've got some help coming out this weekend to get the big stuff: bed bookshelves, drafting table, and the stuff we've purchased off Craigslist, which may or may not include a washer/dryer and couch (in addition to the entertainment center we've already paid for).

And we need to get extra keys made (there are two keys to the place, and right now Abby and I have one of each between us).



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