Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home is Where the Stuff Is

What's this? An actual "diary-esque" entry rather than the usual editorializing? Well, okay...

It's 3:00 AM and I'm wide awake--paralyzed by excitement. Last night we signed the papers on our new place. When our lease came up this November, we opted to go month-to-month with the intention of moving into someplace larger: something without upstairs or downstairs neighbors, something with covered parking, something with enough room to give Abby and I our own work spaces. We also wanted to stay in Creve Coeur--it's not as pricey as, say, Chesterfield or South County, but its proximity to Westport keeps it fairly yuppie-ish and the schools are good. So we found a great townhouse off Villa Dorado, being leased by private owner, that was a whole lot nicer than we thought we were going to find for our price range.

They took one look at my credit score and job history and washed their hands of us; they wouldn't even return my e-mails.

We were understandably disappointed, but I kept an eye on Craigslist and saw a listing for a similar place. The rent was a little less and the owner seemed much more interested in selling than leasing, but we contacted them anyway. A week later, we've signed the papers.

Turns out this new place is in the exact same complex as the place we were turned down from, and it has virtually the same floor plan--only a larger basement and a yard rather than a deck, and the place is a lot nicer: hardwood floors, a wet bar in the basement, actual wallpaper (instead of that dreary shade of rental-property paint beige) and a newly remodeled kitchen. We move in later this month. But the really nice thing about this place is the open option to buy--which is ultimately what we want to do (we think). But more importantly, it seems like someplace we can settle and start a family (when the time comes for that).

Oh, and kitchen space! In addition to the ginormous pantry, there's lots and lots of counter space, which is in short supply at our current apartment. We got a toaster oven two Christmases ago; it's still in the box. Ditto the electric grill I got last Christmas.

So we're understandably excited. It all came together quickly. The landlords are a cop and a mortgage broker, so they were able to run a criminal background check and credit reports in no time at all, and without charging an exorbitant application fee. It was pretty fortuitous that it happened as quickly as it did--Abbs and I were growing a weeeee bit antsy.

Ever since we started looking, and especially since we looked at the first townhome, Abby's been staying up nights arranging furniture in her head, and I've kidded her about it, only now I'm afflicted (she, incidentally, is sound asleep). Sheer exhaustion drove me to bed at ten, but now at twenty to four I'm awake because I'm thinking about our new place and where we're going to put stuff. Only I'm thinking about it in Java, so I'm wondering if a mortgage would include an IStructuredFurniture interface and how much extra we would have to pay for a NewFurnitureLauncher.

Well, it made sense to my fatigue-addled brain at the time. Anywho, it's time for an awkward segue.

Speaking of new furniture, we don't have nearly enough to fill this place. We've got a bunch of shelves, a handful of small tables, a secretary, a futon, a bed, a desk, a TV stand, a hat tree, a couple lights and a drafting table. And it's the usual cobbled-together young-adult menagerie of aluminum and pressboard (well, we have four really nice bookshelves, and by "nice" I mean "freaking heavy"), but it won't begin to furnish a 1650 square foot townhome.

Off the top of my head, we're looking to get a couch, probably two couches, a washer/dryer, another bed, a computer desk, a recliner, an entertainment center, and probably another TV. Thank god for CraigsList, right?

Okay, it's late and I've rambled way too long about this. Night all.


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Amy said...

Congrats! It sounds nice and a great size with room to grow.