Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Forth, not Fourth... Idiots...

Just heard that the Shrek series has a new installment due out summer of 2010: Shrek Goes Fourth.

This marks the second consecutive title ripped off... erm, inspired by The Black Adder, but I suppose that's okay since American children have no idea who/what that is.  I just hope it's a better movie than it's most recent predecessor, because, let's face it, Shrek the Turd was a steaming pile of phoning-it-in.  But I don't really expect greatness, if only because Mike Myers seems to have forgotten how to be funny (anybody see The Love Guru?  No?  There's a reason) and Dreamworks has the bar set lower for its animated films than, say, Pixar.  Don't believe me?  Just watch the most trailers for Monsters vs. Aliens.  There are two distinct butt/poop jokes in the three-to-four minutes of film out there.  Is that really necessary?

Oh, and this Shrek film will have Sir Paul McCartney in it.  I guess he got a taste of animated glory when they used his Live and Let Die as a funeral dirge in the third film and wanted more (and that musical number wasn't the slightest bit ill-advised).  Too bad there's nothing to indicate that he would be a competent voice-actor.  This one is going to suck, methinks.

Maybe they'll have it all figured out in time for 2013's Shrek Downs a Fifth.

Perhaps not.


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