Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Land of Inopportunity

I was expecting the DJI to take a hit yesterday because the numbers for orders of manufactured durable and non-durable goods came out and they were... well... crappy.  Orders are down, inventories are up, all of which indicate a public that isn't buying anything for the fourth straight month.

And yet the Dow puttered along, modestly making gains roughly equal to it's modest losses yesterday.  How sad is this?  Bad news just doesn't phase us anymore.  Here's another indicator that the economy is in the toilet, but the American people respond by saying "Buddy, tell us something we don't know."

The economy turned south when I was in college, and it's gotten slightly better over the last years only to take a major, major nosedive in '08.  It's odd, no?  I've been in the real world for six years now, and in those years I've never known good economic times.  Now, don't read me wrong here--I'm doing just fine, economy or no.  I've managed to stay employed and have never missed a rent check or a car payment.  All I'm saying is this: Has America become the land of inopportunity?  And is it taking the rest of the world with it?

Food for thought.


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