Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Freaking Christmas!

There's a billboard on I-70, neighborhood of St. Peters, that reads as follows:

"I miss you saying Merry Christmas."

No, no I don't think so. I didn't even get this at first, Abby had to straighten it out for me. Apparently, people used to say "Merry Christmas" around the holidays, because they all naturally assumed that anyone showing their face in public in December wasn't Jewish. Nowadays, we realize that there are Jews, atheists, Pagans, all kinds of people who celebrate something in the winter that isn't necessarily Christmas, so we say the more ecumenical "Happy Holidays". It's also efficient, since there's, you know, more than one holiday this time of year. Thanksgiving through New Years is pretty much considered the "holiday" season.

But apparently this was so offensive to our Lord and Savior that, in his infinite wisdom, he purchased ad space on a billboard, so as to smite those people heading West on I-70, including a lot of potential mall traffic.

No. I really don't think so. But I open this to debate, you are free to show me the scripture that indicates a preference on Jesus' part. Go on. I'll wait.

Or, we can put aside sarcasm and just assume that a man who reportedly preferred the company of sinners and prostitutes to teachers of law would probably not have a problem with people using an inclusive greeting rather than an exclusive one.

In lighter news, the mp3-list is about to segue from T.A.T.U.'s All the Things She Said into All the Young Dudes a la Mott the Hoople. So, that's fun.


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