Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Brad is overjoyed that Gitmo is closing (see post below); it's the right thing to do! 3:39pm - Comment
Toni Bryant at 3:52pm January 22
i don't know brad..there are some very dangerous ppl there...did you know that??!!!
Brad Sheppard at 3:59pm January 22
Yes, but even the most dangerous deserve to be charged and prosecuted rather than be held indefinitely. This is the standard America has long held for its citizens and expected from other countries. Charges have not be brought against most of those held at Gitmo. Now they will either be charged or released. This is the same level of justice we expect in our own communities. Obama is also assuring us that they will not be tortured; torture is both unAmerican and unChristian.
Toni Bryant at 4:02pm January 22
well i don't agree with torture of course, but i am scared of what some of these ppl are capable of...
Terra Rodgers at 4:06pm January 22
But what about the people being held who are not guilty of anything, other than maybe wrong place, wrong time? Being held indefinitely, not having access to lawyers, family... these are things that do make people mad and dangerous. Our own unAmerican behavior is creating our worst enemies. Can you imagine if our government even tried to follow, 'do unto others...'?
 Kurt J. Pankau at 4:15pm January 22
More to the point, being held without due process is a gross breach of the Constitution. We manage to deal with our own native miscreants without violating their rights, and the surest sign of a person or nation's civility is the way they treat their enemies. We shouldn't have to make exceptions. We're better than that.
Toni Bryant at 4:21pm January 22
well i will digress here because it seems that i am the minority...but i remember 9/11 and the aching pain in my heart and the sense of urgency to get to my child and my loved ones....maybe i'm just a southern girl who comes from a long line of military fathers and grandfathers, but i would like to say that Bush did something right...he kept us safe for 7 years
 Kurt J. Pankau at 4:22pm January 22
Yes, if only he'd manage to keep us safe in that first year as well.
Toni Bryant at 4:25pm January 22
and i COULD say that that was a direct result of Mr. Bill Clinton as well....
Terra Rodgers at 4:26pm January 22
I was living in India during 9/11 and have traveled internationally before and since. I feel much less safe now because of what Bush has done.
 Kurt J. Pankau at 4:31pm January 22
And I could say that Bush invented aluminum foil. The burden of proof would be on me then.

Look, you choose to define a terrorist attack and a collapsed economy as safety, fine, that's your prerogative. If you think coming from a "long line of military fathers and grandfathers" gives you some insight into world events that somehow trumps those of us that read newspapers, so be it.

We've gotten a little off-topic. Here's the crux--your fathers and grandfathers fought and in some cases died to protect our ideals, not our skins. When Bush had detainees imprisoned without due process, he fought to save our skins and not our ideals. You are free to decide which of those actually makes us Americans.
Terra Rodgers at 4:34pm January 22
Well said, Kurt.

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