Friday, January 30, 2009

Water and Wi-Fi

So, at long length we have got wi-fi set up in our new home.  Yippee.  And we've got one horse of a wireless router, so we can get full-strength signal on all floors.  No more of this I-can't-stream-video-in-the-other-room bullshit, or I-can't-watch-something-on-the-Roku-box-because-you're-checking-your-email crap.  We're wired up (so to speak).

Unfortunately, we're also flooded.  We had a situation with a frozen pipe--it didn't burst, but apparently it was "on" when it froze and when it thawed, it started gushing water into the back yard, some of which backed up into the basement.  So, we've been living at our new place for a week, and we've already flooded it.

Thankfully there's no permanent damage.  It's cheap carpet on concrete floor down there, and it never got "standing" deep--although there was a good sized puddle in the middle, there were also some dry spots.  So yesterday evening involved sopping up water with towels and trying to get it to a manageable level while running a fan and space heater to try and get the place dry.

As of this morning, it's still pretty wet down there, but supposedly Abby's brother is bringing a shop vac when he comes in this evening, so we should be able to get it dryer--and we'll continue to sop and fan and heat until it gets dry.

In the meantime, we're nearly moved in--this weekend we'll be getting the rest of non-essentials, and then figuring out where to put them.  Lots and lots of books still left to move--thankfully we've still got empty bookshelves.  We're definitely long on space at the new place, and I don't foresee us having any trouble filling it.



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