Monday, February 2, 2009

Post Super Bowl Ad Meltdown

So I never got around to watching the Super Bowl.  I generally can enjoy a football game every now and then, but the joys of watching this one particular game don't outweigh the burdens of actually ordering cable, so unless we get invited over to somebody's, Abby and I just don't watch it.

Of course, the commercials are all available on Hulu, your and my favorite ad-supported-on-demand-streaming-video site.  Of course, the fact that this is an ad-supported site means that to watch the ads on this site means you're watching ad-supported ads.  In addition to being definitively ironic, it opens up all sorts of avenues for meta-humor.

Hulu, for example had a prominently featured commercial (which ran during the first quarter--I think--and was a full minute long; more proof that this company is making money hand-over-fist).  So, I watched a commercial for Hulu on Hulu, sponsered by TheraFlorists.

Although Abby may have won--she watched a commercial for Pepsi that was sponsered by Coke Zero.

Although the spots for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie and Transformers 2 left me pretty giddy.  Shameless, empty action?  Yes, but I can get into that every once in a while.


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