Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, the Missouri Scholar's Academy is getting cut.  For the uninformed, it's a three-week program that takes place on the Mizzou Campus for 330 of the best high school students every year.  Students can only go during the summer between their sophomore and junior years, and most high schools can only send one student.

I was not eligible to attend, due in no small part to the fact that I lived in Texas that summer, but I know several people who did: my sister, my wife, and my best friend, among others.  They all swear that it was the most wonderfully life-changing three weeks of their lives.  In fact, my sister was so enamoured with it that she quit high school to start college a year early.

And now it's (at least temporarily) kaput, the latest victim of state budget cuts.  Damned depression (I've decided to stop calling it a recession, fyi... it just doesn't drive the emminence of it home).

This is sad, because regardless of your political beliefs, this is a government program that actually does some good, plus it's education, and what's bad about education?  If you've a mind, give the state rep hell.  There's contact info on the MSA home page.

Hat tip: Abby.


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