Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Send Your Suggestions to...

Why don't websites have suggestion boxes? Yesterday, I listed a whole slew of things that I thought would improve Amazon's services. I would tell them directly, but there's no place to do it.

Isn't customer feedback worthwhile, even if 97% of it is absolute garbage? Seriously, put a suggestion box on the site. You don't even have to make it easy to find, to discourage the non tech-savvy from submitting worthless ideas. Or perhaps you want the feedback of the non tech-savvy more than the tech-savvy, so you put it right on the front page.

I tried to submit an idea to Bank of America, but they wanted to put me through this whole rigmarole about how my idea was no longer mine once I submitted it, so I ultimately opted out. But it's not like their website is perfect. It was only recently that it started loading from a naked domain without crapping itself. When you log in, the submit key changes to a broken image link because the page can't find the "submitting button" image. Amateur hour, people. And here's my idea: why not allow us to manually input checks? Here's the check number, here's the amount, deduct it from my balance and notify me when it finally clears. That would be a huge convenience for me.

Speaking of Amateur Hour, I recently perused some websites for Paintball fields in St. Louis. I will never go to Wacky Warriors, ever, because their website makes my eyes hurt. It was the worst I saw, but not by very much. I'm sure it's the best website 1994 could buy, but a lot has changed in 15 years. You know what hasn't changed in at least three years? The copyright tag on their site. I want to know three things: what fields are there, how much does it cost to play, and when are you open? Try finding any of that on most of these sites (to say nothing of a suggestion box).

So yeah, I'm thinking a little widget that has some radio buttons for what type of feedback, be it technical, spiritual, or menu advice, to direct the contents of a text box that will hold 500 characters or less. What site couldn't benefit from that?


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