Friday, March 13, 2009

You Want Me to do What with my Whom?

From Slate's Explainer: Global Motherf*ckers which discusses how some variation on "have maternal incest" is an insult in nearly every culture.

Here's an amusing excerpt:

The first known print appearance of the English phrase—as the adjectival intensifier motherfucking—dates to a legal document from 1889. In a case before the Texas Court of Appeals, it was reported that the defendant had been referred to by another man as "that God damned mother-fcking, bastardly son-of-a-bitch!" The phrase was considered so vile in late 19th-century America that, in another Texas court case, it was argued that a man who had been called a "mother-fucking son-of-a-bitch" by a person he later shot "could not be found guilty of a higher offense than manslaughter,"...

And that's saying something for a state judiciary that, to this days, thrives on the death penalty. As a side note, here's another fun quotation from that article: "If the streets were paved with pricks, your mother would walk on her ass". This, apparently, is pretty common invective in Italian.

Have a good weekend. Also, try to do something nice for your mother.


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