Friday, April 24, 2009

I Got Your LOL Right Here

So the acme of Web 2.0 seems to be (to me, anyway) the user-driven-themed-funny-picture blog.  This seems to have started with I Can Has Cheezburger and broadened to a whole host of weird sites.  Here's a smattering:

  1. I Can Has Cheezburger - the original cat LOL-er
  2. Failblog - owned, pwned, epic fails
  3. Engrish - badly translated signs
  4. Engrish Funny - the cheezburger network's engrish site
  5. This is Why You're Fat - food that will kill you
  6. Pundit Kitchen - LOL politics... LOLiticians?
  7. Photobomb - that guy standing over your shoulder making faces at you
  8. Picture is Unrelated - wtf pictures?
  9. Unnecessary Quotes - what do you mean "unnecessary"
  10. Hot Chicks with Douchebags - 'nuff said
  11. Cake Wrecks - professionally made cakes that look horrific
  12. Graph Jam - fun with numbers (a riff on Jessica Hagy's highly amusing Indexed blog)
  13. Crummy Church Signs
  14. It's Lovely, I'll Take It - horrible real estate listings
  15. Totally Looks Like - x totally looks like y
  16. Loldogs - never got into these
  17. Go Fug Yourself - beautiful people in ugly outfits
  18. ROFLrazzi - LOL celebs
  19. Apostrophe Abuse
  20. Bad Parking
  21. Say What!? - curious signs
  22. License 2 Rant - license plates
Seriously, there's tons of these.  Several are plastered with ads, and I can't help but wonder if they make any money.  Probably not.  Maybe the cheezburger network, but that's about it.

Anybody think of anything I missed?  I'll rephrase, anything good that I missed?


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Bill Haworth said...

Not relegated to but one site, a very popular trend on the 'net is the de-motivational poster. Being more than a bit of a gamer, I like this collection here.