Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pirate Application

Dear Sir or Matey:

My name is Kurt "DeathBeard" Pankau, and I am a junior level Java developor in the St. Louis area.  I learned of the opportunity for Ensign Pirate through your ad on Craigslist and I would like to apply for the position.

I have several years experience swabbing decks while working at my parents' bed and breakfast.  I've been studying seamanship and swordplay in my spare time since I was a teenager.  I am adept at singing pirate songs, running people through, and am computer literate.

I think this opportunity could be a good fit for me because I enjoy grog, terror on the high seas, and the outdoors.  I am a quick learner and would be willing to relocate.  Please don't hesitate to contact me at home (or on my mobile) to arrange an interview.

Find my resume attached,

Kurt J. "DeathBeard" Pankau


1 comment:

The0 said...

Phonybeard more like it.

I have twice the experience you do at deckswabbing and running through.

Those are euphemisms for drunkenness, right?