Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's alumni weekend and I'm back in Fulton for the festivities. Only right now it's 8 in the morning and I'm in Columbia. Regardless, I've come up with, like, a dozen things to tweet about but rapid-fire tweeting just seems... I dunno, misplaced? Also, most of them are griping about the hotel room. So I will just list a smattering here:

  • Dear Travelodge: this is not $90 worth of room, included wi-fi notwithstanding.
  • Okay, the room is only moderately scuzzy, at least the door to this one closes.
  • Comfy bed, no outwardly visible cigarette burns (in a non-smoking room no less), dead yellow jacket on the floor. Kind of a mixed bag, here.
  • The shower head comes to my shoulder. My shoulder! I'm used to stooping, but Jesus.
  • I'm tall, but 6'2 is not record-setting, 'sall I'm saying.
  • I find the term "continental breakfast" deceptive. Aren't continents big?
  • Waiting for someone to make a swine flu joke, something about it being apropos that it originated in Mexico.
  • Is it too soon to make swine flu jokes?
  • Ah, ah, ah, Timmy, soylent green are people.
  • Paul Krugman, what are you doing blogging at this hour on a Saturday?
Okay, now I'm boring myself. Good weekend all.


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