Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I Did With My Weekend

Wore a Snuggie backwards like a robe, without remorse or irony.

Played chess.  Won.

Taught my mother how to use an iPod.

Figured out a better way to defend the terminal in L4D's Dead Air campaign (don't stay at the escalator, there's a nook across the room with fewer access points and a stock of molotov's--much better).

Slept for eleven hours straight.

Arranged 3 drum parts.

Listened to a new record.  Twice.

Celebrated two birthdays.

...'sabout it.



craftyhaworth said...

Don't forget:
- Tossed around ridiculous baby names with your preganant sister.
- Skipped church on Easter.

The0 said...
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The0 said...

What the hell is a snuggie? Also, you have to admit, as far as Left 4 Dead is concerned, you must admit that the only flaw with the Blood Harvest final standoff tactic was trying to get to the damn APC.

Also, ♫♪Left 4 Dead Sooooong!♫♪

Edit: Ah. THAT'S a Snuggie