Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ain't That a Kick in the Side

So over the weekend I ordered a Smartphone--a refurb'd Sidekick II that cost me just over $100 (with shipping). When it arrives, I'll toss my SIM card into it and see what it can do.

I see this as a nice baby step into the realm of phones-that-do-more-than-make-calls.  For starters, my Samsung Stripe is on its last legs now, so I'd have to replace it with something, and my contract isn't up until next March, so I can't invoke the myriad deals on cheap phones through my provider (this is the one thing keeping me from going ahead with the G1--I'd love to try it, but I wouldn't love to try it for $350).

This way I've got something with a Qwerty keyboard and web access--something I can sync my Twitter account to and check e-mail and bank statements from.  Then, after a year, I can upgrade again on the cheap with contract extension (or just bite the bullet and buy a damned iPhone).

Be.  All.  That.  As.  It.  May.

This means changing phone plans, which is thankfully pretty easy to do through T-Mobile's not-incredibly-annoying website.  It actually will only cost me about $5 a month from what I'm paying now because I'm downgrading my voice plan at the same time.  Right now I have 1500 anytime minutes that I only get about a fourth of the way through in a given month (that's including nights and weekends, by the way).  I saved myself a whopping ten bucks a month by switching to a basic plan that only offers 300 anytime minutes but has free nights and weekends.  Every other downgrade I could take was at the same price point as the plan I was already using.  Of course, it would have only cost me an additional $10 a month to get unlimited talk.  So, we've got a pretty narrow price range, here.

As for data charges, I went from $5 a month for 400 texts to $20 for unlimited texts and 100MB data transfer per month, which was the max available.  Think that'll do me?  Think I can downgrade to 50MB a month without hitting charges?

Smartphone users, let me know!!


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