Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working MetaMetaphors

It's a post that's about a metaphor, so it's a meta... you know, the title... moving on.

Here's what I've realized about team programming: it's sort of like having three people collaborate on a novel written in a language that none of them speak natively. I'm just going to go with that metaphor when explaining what I do for a living to, well, to anyone who isn't a Java developer. It's also a nice layer of obfuscation, which is a good thing since I probably shouldn't be describing the under-the-hood mechanics of our product to friends and family. You know. Security and all that. You never know, my wife might sell our trade secrets to Microsoft, or something.

Just for a quick example, let's look at what I did today. Today, I made some headway on a complex action bit of the story, only to discover that the bridge this whole scene takes place on didn't look right or make a great deal of structural sense, so I've been trying to figure out the vocabulary so I can describe the bridge better.

See? Wasn't that much easier to grasp than me droning on about plugging parent categories and observables into a JFace Tree Viewer.



Amy said...

Occasionally I earn some extra money designing blogs and websites. There were times when all I wanted to do was vent about an issue to Jens, but I couldn't come up with a simplistic way to explain the problem to someone who didn't speak CSS and browsers, etc.
I'm no good with metaphors, but fortunately in the last couple of years he's had to learn some tech concepts through his job.
Good luck with the project.

Kurt said...

Ahhh, web design. I've had some nasty things to say about HTML in my day.