Thursday, June 18, 2009

At Least We Dig Each Other

A while back I mentioned that I had been searching for the perfect ringtone for Abby. Because I'm a dork. Anyway, I settled on Clocks, but I must confess that it was my second choice. My first was Dig by Incubus. The ringtone for that song turned out to be a poorly constructed loop of one line from the chorus--didn't really work, which is too bad.

Dig is one of those great songs that just grows and grows and grows on you. It's the kind of song I wish I could write. The main thrust of the song is that relationships are hard, that I'm going to let you down, and in those times I hope you can pull me back. Lyrics, lyrics:
So when weakness turns my ego up
I know you count on the me from yesterday

If I turn into another, dig me up from under
What is covering the better part off me
Sing this song, remind me that we'll always have
Each other, when everything else is gone
Definitely more mature and introspective than the typical drivel you scrape out of radio pop. The theme of "weakness" in the first verse is echoed by "sickness" in the second--great use of parallelism (which songwriters love, because it's less lyrics that you actually have to assemble).

And the arrangement is brilliant. The bass and guitar are doing things that wouldn't sound like much on their own but that complement each other perfectly, the drummer peppers the song with unsual fills, the keyboards sit in the background not doing much, but that's kind of par for the course on an Incubus song.

I could go on, but I think I'm past the point of sounding silly. With that, if you haven't heard it, listen to it, and if you already know it, or just thing I'm being silly and fanboyish, well, then thank you for indulging me anyway.


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Kurt said...

Mea Culpa, I'm sorry. I think I hit "save" rather than "publish" last night. It was tired, I was late, what can I say?