Friday, June 5, 2009

Ringtones and Twitter and Facebook, Oh My

So I got internet turned on for my new phone, which enabled me to start downloading ringtones. And the big fun of this is the ability to assign them to specific people. I realize that this is old hat for everyone except, wel... me... but I'm still jones'd about it.

Default: Beck - Cellphone's Dead. Mostly for irony, but it's a pretty cool tune too.

I've assigned my old ringtone, E-Pro, to Evan, since that's one of the occasional nicknames I have for him. The tough one to figure out is Abby. I'd love something that is equal parts sentimental and not-sucky. Best I can find is Frou Frou's Let Go, which just doesn't quite achieve what I want. There's tons of stuff I can download, but what? Go With The Flow by QOTSA? Gnarls Barkley's Going On? The theme from Super Mario Bros?

Must consider.

Nevermind. Just figured it out. Clocks. Done and done.

Other fun services that I now have include IM access. This is a tremendous boon, since I have a number of friends on IM but I hate the app so much that I'm hardly ever online. The two things I was really hoping to use are unavailable to me: Google maps and Bank of America. My phone doens't run Javascript (at least not very well), so Maps is out, and BOA just doesn't support my phone model.

Damn you, BOA.

Syncing to Twitter is pretty easy. Facebook works, but is less than ideal. Google Calender doesn't sync, but I can send updates via SMS easily enough. I was hoping to integrate RememberTheMilk, which doesn't so much work, but it apparently integrates with Twitter, and it does have a mobile interface that's sloppy but functional.

I can access Digg, but I won't ever try that again. The sites linked to from that page are over-taxed as it is, and trying to browse through a single-tab HTML-only browser with the equivalent of a dail-up connection--not happening. At all.

So, it's a mixed bag. I've got unlimited data and SMS, so I'm not going to accidentally bankrupt myself. And yes, I've double-checked. I don't have all the access I'd hoped for, but then, this was a step-towards smart-phone-itude to see if I liked it or not. And so far I do, enough to upgrade to a more current model when my contract finally comes due. In March.


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