Saturday, June 27, 2009


It has been an interesting week. I narrowly avoided ship duty, one of my former favorite pop icons passed away, I turned 29, I saw a movie I was truly looking forward to and was disappointed with, and I picked up a video game that I've been truly looking forward to and really haven't had a chance to play. Tuesday had a very abbreviated woot-off. I went to a steak restaurant (didn't eat any steak, though).

Also, I'm teaching myself Nightswimming on the piano, which will bring my repertoire up to two-and-a-half songs (not counting the half-composed drivel I've penned). I can play Hey Jude and I know the chords to The Scientist, but I can never remember the words. Regardless, the old adage holds: learning a new instrument is like farting, it stinks to everyone but you.

Not sure exactly what next week will bring--I've been playing things a little close to the chest and writing stuff at the last minute, but I've got lots of time off starting, well, right now, and I need things to do apart from learning the piano, so it may be a theme week, or it may not.

Time will tell. Here's hoping that, whatever next week brings, it's less interesting than this week has been.


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