Monday, July 20, 2009

Coming Soon

I have enough little tidbits that are longer than tweets but don't really justify a full entry. So, here's what's going on in the life of Kurt.

After three weeks off, today is my first day back. Almost European, that sort of vacation. Remind me, again, why we hate their governments so much. On second thought, don't. In a related irony, my 3 week vacation was arrived at through a very capitalist negotiation. We can make something you want, and you want it badly, so this is what it's going to cost you. Thankfully my boss was the one actually negotiating. I haven't earned my bones in the company well enough to initiate that sort of stunt.

Moon was slow, but good (and short). Tour-de-force performance from Sam Rockwell, so if you can find a movie theater playing it, see it. Also on the under-the-radar/art-house/won't-win-Oscars-but-will-make-top-10's watch list: (500) Days of Summer and The Hurt Locker, neither of which I've seen yet, but I'm looking forward to.

I have gone from being an atheist to a dues-paying atheist. That is, I've devoted $20 a year to an anti-devotion, but on the plus side, I automatically get the magazine, as well as a cheaply made certificate. Probably ought not leave those sitting on the coffee table when my mother or in-laws drop by, you know, just to be polite. And that, perhaps, is the biggest difference between me and some of the philosophical company I keep. While I love the wealth of information available through American Atheists and am willing to support them financially (if only a little), they cross a few lines. For example, they've put out a call for debaptisms (that is, asking former churches to remove you from their rolls). I get the whole atheist-and-proud thing, but that just seems excessively rude, and I say that as someone who rails against God. But I do so in my own forum. If you want to be offended by me, you have to actually come to me and read what I write. That's different from me calling up or mailing a church and basically insulting them to their face. These are (or at least were) friends. And it's not like I get newsletters or anything.

Out of my entire week of I-used-to-be-a-Christian-and-now-I-think-God's-an-asshole, the thing that got the biggest response was (of course) an off-hand comment in the introduction. I mentioned that I subscribe to the Christ Myth Theory (that there was, in fact, no real Jesus and that the Jesus of scripture was a creation of Paul of Tarsus) and was challenged on a few particulars of that. I admitted that I was not as read-up as I would like to be to engage in a meaningful discussion but promised to come back to it. Well, I'm getting through the reading and that discussion is coming soon, not this week (between an Incubus concert and my 1st wedding anniversary, I'll be pretty busy), and perhaps not the week after, but soon-ish. There's definitely too much information to cover, or even sum-up in a single post, but I don't know yet if it will stretch out to cover a whole week.

My pregnant sister (due in October) is moving to Washington (state) in August. So that's exciting. On a related note (pun intended), all family is strange. At least on some level. Because it's family, I will not be elaborating, so don't even ask. But it doesn't involve Liz. She's just pregnant, not strange--at least not blogably strange.

And on a related note, can we please stop talking about the miracle of child-birth. It's not miraculous--it's happened to every single of one us. What do you call something that happens to everyone? It's like the exact opposite of a miracle. Hum-drum, almost. Okay, not hum-drum; I don't mean to downplay the significance. It's great, it's, well, life-changing, and it's extremely emotional, I grant, but we think that because we're programmed to breed--if we didn't get excited about these things, what would be the point? Similarly, referring to a paradigm-shifting change as a "quantum leap forward" is silly. Quanta are small. It's right there in the definition. So can we drop that, too? And also, would it break your finger to use a turn signal? And get off my lawn, you damn kids!!

My hair is almost-but-not-quite to ponytail length. Yay. Almost there (seriously, I like it long, but I need to be able to pull it back).

And one last thing. I'm following an ex-girlfriend's wedding blog, and I'm fascinated that I'm not feeling the least bit weird about it. Not a bit. I'm just plain happy for her (them). She doesn't have comments turned on, so I'll just say it here: Congrats Anne and Thom, I wish you both every happiness. I don't know Thom, but I'm glad that Anne has found someone she wants to be with.

That is all.



Anne said...

Thanks for checking out the wedding blog! I'm not sure why we have comments off, but Thom almost always blogs with comments off.

Kurt said...

I understand that completely--it often makes life easier.