Friday, July 24, 2009

I Was Here To See Inky Busey

Saw Incubus last night, a great show and much different from the show we saw of them last year or of No Doubt two weeks ago.

Notable difference: we got home within twenty minutes of the concerts end, substantially less than the hour it took for us to leave the parking space after the No Doubt show.

They played the hits, since their newest album is a greatest-hits/rarities compilation they really didn't have to promote anything. And they played a few older tracks, like the original version of Certain Shade of Green, but best part of the show came about a third of the way through. They stripped down to a mostly acoustic setup, with only a djembe for percussion (although Jose did, in fact, play the bench on one song) and gave almost campfire-style performances of Dig, Drive, and Talk Shows on Mute. Very intimate.

Anyway, they did not disappoint. And now I must sleep.


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