Friday, July 17, 2009

Iran So Far Away

So, I wonder why we've lost interest in the Iran Elections all of a sudden. Was it Michael Jackson? It might behoove us to turn our attention back that ways, if only for what it represents.

This is a populist, democratic uprising in a state whose de facto slogan was "Death to America" since '74, and it's being broadcast to the world via blogs and Twitter. The youth are using technology to promote their ideals and to challenge an oppressive government. The usual channels failed them, so they took to the streets. Keep in mind what America means to these people. We deposed their democratically elected leader in the 50's and replaced him with a tyrant who was overthrown by a reactionary Muslim government. They have no love for us.

But they want the same things we want: jobs, representation, freedom. These are ideas that are bigger than America, so much so that our enemies embrace them in spite of the fact that they share them with us. And I can't even find out the status of things over there because all anyone cares about is MJ.

So Latoya thinks her brother was murdered, eh?


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