Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lola, Meet Yoda, Yoda, Lola

On a whim I looked up chords for Lola, by The Kinks, and I think I may have to learn it. It's complex enough that it shouldn't be boring to play but simple enough to memorize quickly. Most people will recognize it and can sing along, but it's not so ubiquitous that you hear it all the time. I think it would make a good addition to the troubadour's bag-o-tricks.

And it's funny. 'Cause Lola's really a dude.

There is the slight problem of the Weird Al song. Weird Al's Yoda, which is a parody of Lola. The biggest problem is that Yoda may in fact be a slightly better song. And I don't make this charge lightly.

There's the slightly higher quality of production. There's the fact that Weird Al actually has a better singing voice than Ray Davies. There's the fact that it's a song steeped in Star Wars mythos, which gives it some serious geek cred. And of course, none of this would matter except that Lola is the setup for a single solitary joke. The song is played for comedy. We are comparing comedy songs. And Yoda, frankly, is funnier.

So that's a problem. And it's a problem of the scale that I wonder if I start playing Lola that someone will start singing the Weird Al version over me thinking that it's not grievously douche-baggy. Which it is. And if you're going to sing songs in front of other people, you sort of have to be prepared for that kind of thing.

I suppose I could just learn the Weird Al version, but that'd be... well... for lack of a better term... weird.


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Ben said...

Now I know Darth Vader's
Really got you annoyed
But remember if you kill him
That you'll be unemployed