Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Sleepy Kurt's Revenge

It's time, once again to retrain the Sleepy Kurt. The Sleepy Kurt is the Kurt that only exists from the time the alarm goes off to about ten seconds after the alarm has gone off, and he's usually not a bother for myself (the Waking Kurt) and Abby.

The Sleepy Kurt, his brain more or less detached from his body, can detect the presence of a loud noise, and can often pinpoint the source, but he will not be able to identify it as an alarm clock. He might think it is a predator of some sort, or the distant cry of another Sleepy. But every few years the Sleepy Kurt figures out how to turn off the alarm clock (not hit the "snooze" button, mind you, but actually turn the damned thing off) and requires some stymieing.

This is best accomplished by placing a book on top of the alarm clock so that the Sleepy Kurt will reach for the buttons, become confused, and transition immediately into the Not-Quite-Awake-But-Mostly-Functional Kurt who is capable of realizing that if he turns the alarm off, his wife will oversleep and be angry.

I get tickled by the idea that I have to knowingly fool myself--that I have to set a trap that I will fall into. People talk about internal conflict all the time: arguing with one's self, lying to one's self. Me? I fool myself into not knowing how an alarm clock works for ten seconds or so.

I'm amused.



Amy said...

I'm still amazed that you were able to sleep through the fire alarm in our dorm that time.

Walter said...

I once moved my alarm clock across the room to avoid this issue, only to wake up in the morning and discover I had gotten up, walked over to the alarm, and reset it for an hour too late in my sleeping state...

Ben said...

You need one of these