Friday, August 21, 2009

At Least The Dentist Is Kinda Cute

Don't ever get peridontitus. The disease isn't awful, per se, but one tends to get bloody gums and there's a possibility that your teeth with fall out. The treatment is absolutely effective and pretty damned unnerving. And I went through part 1 today.

They numb your for it, but it basically amounts to getting your teeth scraped below the gumline for an hour or so. This is my penance for going 13 years without a dentist's visit, so it's my own damned fault, I know. And I must say, for having gone so long between visits, I was surprised at the lack of condescending lecturing coming from the anyone in the office. So surprised, in fact, that I've recommended this dentist to my wife and best friend, both of whom have gone without seeing a dentist for several years.

Guilt trips, they don't make us floss, but they do make us skip cleanings.

Anyway, I took my ipod in hopes of starting an audiobook, but no such luck--I actually had to participate somewhat. And now I feel vaguely like I've been punched in the left side of my face. And, what's more, I get to look forward to getting punched in the right side next week. Yay.


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