Friday, September 4, 2009

What's With You, Quizno's? You've Changed, Man

Something light for Friday, I think, is in order.

What the hell happened to Quizno's? They used to be like an upscale Subway, now they're like a pale imitation. They have disrupted the natural order. They spent so much time singing the praises of "oven toasted" that now Subway's doing it. Subway has raised the bar, bringing in new toppings, fancier dressings, more breads, and oven-toasting to boot.

Quizno's, on the other hand, have let things slide. Still only two breads. No more signs on the wall about having the best ingredients. The ever-changing menu (making it difficult to have a standby) is now a glorified build-your own. The pepper bar is creeping back behind the counter.

For a while I thought that Subway and Quizno's would be indistinguishable. But now it's like Quizno's isn't even trying. And they're not like Jimmie-John's who are so niche that they can go around never changing a thing and still keep a rabid following.

And now I want a sandwich. Seriously, all this talk of Quizno's is making me really hungry.

For Jimmie-John's.



Anonymous said...

Go with Firehouse. Puts them both to shame.

Kurt said...

Firehouse? I know not of this Firehouse of which you speak. Doesn't look like STL has any.

Walter said...

Jimmy Jooooooooooooooooooooooohns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Angus said...

If you don't go to Quizno's frequently enough, then you are not aware of all the good things that are on the menu. try their Torpedo which is 13" skinny chiabatta bread for only $4 which will put all the sandwich shops including Jimmy John's stale breads to the shame .