Saturday, November 21, 2009

It Doesn't Help That "Binging" Mean Drinking To Excess

So apparently Microsoft's new re-branded search engine Bing has 10% of the market share for internet searches. This seems pretty remarkable until you think about how they did it.

You see, they've re-programmed their entire line to use Bing. It's the default search on IE. In fact, on XP the other day, I did a search for a file from the start bar and that popped up a Bing search. In short, Microsoft has dedicated the most popular operating system in the world to using Bing, and after all that effort, they only have 10% of the market.

Pretty pathetic, I'd say.


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The0 said...

Thank goodness for Google, I say in all cases. Kind of sad for Microsoft, but I'm certain within years, Google will have an operating system for PCs.