Thursday, December 3, 2009

Message This

So a while back (i.e., last month) I wrote about Microsoft's ploy to inflate Bing's search numbers by incorporating it into the file-search feature of Windows XP. This is just one strand in a web of Microsoft being deceptive dicks that we've all dealt with at some point. I got another taste of it last week.

I don't use Outlook express. I don't use MSN messenger. But I missed the Internet link and accidentally opened Outlook Express. Ever since, MSN messenger loads on startup, even though I don't have it configured with a profile. It sits there, broken and disconnected, in my system tray.

Microsoft is doing what people bitch about Apple doing--trying to tell you how to use your computer. At least Apple has no pretense about it.


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Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

Lol. This is so true. Although I am a die-hard PC and not on board the Mac train, I still don't like and never did that dang Outlook express popping up every time I clicked on an email link. As if that was the only option I had to use.