Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So I lopped off all of my hair over the weekend, taking it down from shoulder-length to less than an inch. I then had to trim my beard (because it was longer than my hair) and I decided to go back to contacts for a while.

I do this sort of thing every now and then. I'll get a picture up on Facebook by the end of the week.

But yesterday/today I had fun surprising friends and coworkers with the new 'do. They keep asking me when was the last time I had short hair. But here's the funny thing: I had short hair when I started this job (not this short, but not a whole lot longer). I then went a year without cutting it, but it was only about an inch, inch-and-a-half on top when I was hired, and nobody remembers that.

People don't believe me. I had one coworker tell me that she couldn't have even imagined what I would look like with short hair, despite the fact that she had seen me like that.

But it's the old boiling-a-frog metaphor--people don't notice gradual change. They see me with long hair, they don't remember me ever changing it, their brain assumes that it's always been long (even if they consciously know differently). Maybe that's the reason I like to make drastic changes from time to time--so they'll be noticeable.

Or maybe I just like that I get to be the center of attention for a day.

Who's to say?



Liz said...

I like it short...I think it makes you look boyish. :-)

Kurt said...

Sort of a salt-and-pepper take on boy-ish, but thanks.

Also, based solely on your husband's occupation, I think you're biased towards the short-haired anyway. =P