Friday, January 15, 2010

When Nostalgia Backfires

This is all true, by the way.

So, back in early 2006 I decided to look up an old friend from grade school. I don't know what it was that compelled me, I might have just been feeling a wave of nostalgia. And it's not like I had any romantic inclinations towards this girl, but I had this urge to reconnect.

So I Googled her and found some site that gave an e-mail address for her or something. Anyway, I wrote her up and said "Hi, you may not remember me, but we used to be friends and I was hoping to reconnect," etc, etc, etc. And she wrote back that very same day--I was thrilled to hear back. And then I felt somewhat deflated when I opened the response and read the following:

Wdup, Kurt!

You don't have to remind me of who you are... I contacted you several months ago in the same way, remember???

Well, I hadn't remembered. But it was starting to suddenly come back to me. I hope, when I die, that I'm remembered as being friendly and smart, despite being horribly, horribly absent-minded.

Guess this means I'm getting old.


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