Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Awesome-ness: There's An App For That, Too

This is one of the reasons I got a smart phone.

Zombieland came out yesterday, and I knew that Abby and I would want to buy while it was on sale so I went to Target over lunch to pick it up. Since I had some time to burn, I snapped a photo of the barcode using an app on my phone, which returned some prices from other retailers. Turns out a seller on Amazon was selling the movie new, and even after shipping it was cheaper than Target's price. After taxes, that's a difference of nearly two and a half dollars.

So I ordered it from my phone before I'd even left the store.

So, I went to Target to buy a movie, and I did make said purchase while I was there, I just didn't buy it from them. And that's a couple shades of awesome, if I do say so myself.



Bill Haworth said...

Better not let Target and the other brick'n'mortar stores know that, or they'll jump on the anti-net-neutrality band wagon.

No, really. One of the reasons I have read recently ( for non-net-neutrality is that ISPs are losing money to online services that offer for free what the ISPs are charging for (ie: if your cable company also offers phone service, than Vonage is starving the ISP's CEO's kids to death by offering a better service at a lower cost). This is like saying that JC Penney and Sears put AT&T out of business by taking catalog sales calls across the phone lines, but logic has yet to stop a team of well-funded attack lawyers in America in a long time.

Ben said...

Now that IS irony!