Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post Band Reflections

The band had our first gig in two years Saturday night, and it went pretty well. It's invigorated us with a sense of purpose--it turns out we're actually pretty decent at the whole "music" thing. We just suck at the business side.

Three hours, lots of mistake, some visits from the whiskey fairy, getting home after two in the morning. Shouting drinking songs into a microphone while 50-or-so people sway and dance.

It was a blast.

On a related note, the band's website has been completely revamped. The finished product is at BlindSatellite.com and on the music page you can hear/download a song. We intend to grow that from one song to several songs in the next couple of months.

Exciting times. But mostly, it just felt good to play in front of people again.


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