Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rebel Rebel, You Tore Your Dress

Last weekend was spent visiting the 'rents in Nashville, and I've decided that I never want to live there. It has all the things (except traffic) that I hated about LA (crowds, expense, impenetrable music scene) with a patina of redneck over everything and more religion than I can wash out of my clothing in a weekend. And then there's the ever-pervasive rebel flag, which was particularly evident in the town of Lynchburg (where we toured the Jack Daniel's distillery). In one of the little shops around town I found what may be the most offensive retail display I've ever seen: a shelf full of confederate-flag kitsch (shot glasses, et al) and Uncle Tom figurines.

I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of it, if only because it's almost too outrageous to be believed by people who aren't, you know, inbred dumbshits.

I've always thought confederate flags were a sure sign of ignorance, but I got to thinking--these weren't hillbillies so much as they were die-hard southerners. They were also very conservative. In short, these are the type of people who would hear my views on Health Care and call me un-American. And while that didn't literally happen, it absolutely could have, and the more I thought about it, the more it pissed me off.

Because is there anything more overtly un-American than the Confederacy? This was a group of people who loved America so much that they couldn't bear to be a part of it anymore. They said "America, fuck you, we're through". They filed for a divorce on a national level. And don't give me that Southern Pride bullshit. If I got a swastika tattooed on my back and claimed I was celebrating my German heritage, I'd be taken out back and shot.

So here's my new stance--if you are willing to display a Confederate Flag in any context other than "oh yeah, that was a horrible thing that happened a long time ago", then you clearly hate America and cannot be trusted with the right to vote. That or you don't see anything wrong with proudly displaying the emblem of the most violent anti-American movement in history, and are therefore an idiot and should not be trusted with the right to vote.

Your call.



Ben said...

With all due respect, man, I think Godwin's Law applies here.

Kurt said...

Dammit... I am ashamed.

Kurt said...
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Bill Haworth said...

I think we need to form an organization - Patriots Against Confederate Flags (yeah, I know, PACF doesn't make a great acronym, so I'm open to suggestions). Throw it back on them, at the gut level, which is where most conservatives like to fight their political battles, instead of at the logical level.

"My fellow Americans, in these troubling times with terrorists around the globe trying to take down our way of life, unity more than anything else is necessary to face this dire threat. Almost one hundred and fifty years ago, a group tried to destabilize our great nation by attempting to secede from our glorious union. Do not let the terrorists win; don't fly the Confederate flag or revel in their ways or symbols. United we stand, divided the terrorists win."