Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mistborn Movie Musings

I know, I know, more Brandon Sanderson...

A hot topic among Sanderson-ites (does this work? We need a name) is the prospect of a film based on the Mistborn series--which have been optioned and are in the early, early stages of maybe-it'll-get-developed.  Sanderson doesn't actually expect the movie to get made, but he is a rising star in the world of fiction.  His contributions to the Wheel of Time series are introducing his other works to an ever-expanding audience.  And his young-adult series is farther along the movie track, which will bring more eyes to his Alcatraz books, which will bring more eyes to his other works.  I think a film based on his less-young-adult works is inevitable, and I think Mistborn is the most likely place to start.  In short, I think he's wrong.

This is not the only thing I think he's wrong about with regards to movies based on his own properties.  During the second Q&A last Wednesday, he was asked if he had a favorite director that he would want to helm the series.  He posited Robert Rodriguez, and my immediate response to that is "are you effing kidding me?"

First off, consider Rodriguez' body of work.  *shudder*  Moving on, let's take a look at this particular property, shall we?  It takes place in an imaginative and dense fantasy world.  It is much beloved by an ardent-but-surprisingly-large group of nerds.  It has a sizable cast of likable good-guys, many of whom get killed in dramatic and unexpected ways.  The bad guys include humans who are mutilated into monsters.  And the main character is a teenage girl who battles those monsters and kicks ass through the use of her newly-awakened magical powers.

If this doesn't scream Joss Whedon, then I don't know what does.

There was also a question about who Sanderson would want to play Kelsier, and he didn't have an answer, but to me the much more pressing question is who would play Vin.  Ten years ago I would have said Natalie Portman, but she's really too old to play a teenager in this series of films, the first of which might start production in, at best, a couple of years.

The best I can come up with is Ellen Page, which I must admit is a bit of a stretch.  She's certainly got the look and is a very capable actor; it's really a question of whether or not she could muster the intensity to override her inherent adorable-ness when required.  On the one hand, she's the girl we all hoped Thora Birch would grow up to be (seriously, what happened between Patriot Games and American Beauty?).

On the other hand, Hard Candy.


PS - If you haven't read Mistborn and aren't immediately revolted by spec-fiction (or reading in general), give it a try--it's quite good.

PPS - If anybody can get this set of books in front of Whedon, consider yourself tasked.

PPPS - Yes, Warbreaker would be an excellent movie as well, especially given the visually-oriented nature of the magic system.  Whether it is a more or less likely than Mistborn is a purely academic discussion, and I would have acknowledged that above, but that first paragraph was already running a bit long.

PPPPS - Why are you still reading post-scripts? Seriously, surf on over to Cracked or something.


Abby (aka AgatheAthena) said...

1 - I think Sanderson's fans need to call ourselves "Shards" or something related to the Cosmology. Or hell, I'll even just take "Mistings".

2 - for Vin: Chloe Moretz 'cause we already know she can kick ass. (haha - see what I did there with that horrible pun/allusion).

Anonymous said...

Joss Whedon, okay. I do think I'd prefer Rodriguez' intentional B-movie style to Whedon's unintended atrocities, though either one would be totally unsuitable for Mistborn.

Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY agree Anonymous.. These movies should be epic with quality cinematography and graphics and casting. Joss Whedon's shows are a joke, popular but cheesy. It took Lord of the Rings 50 or so years to get popular enough to make an epic film, maybe it would be better if we all just waited until the time is right and can be done on a proper level, NOT A "B" movie! Abby, i like Shards or Mistings!

Jaknal said...

Honestly I think that Emily Browning may be a good Vin. If Sucker Punch does any good; which from the looks of it, it might be a damn good movie; she may be perfect for the roll. Honestly not really sure who would be a good Kelsier though. That one would probably go to an actor that isn't really all that famous.

Marcus>y said...

If they do a movie for Mistborn..will they carry it over to "Law of alloy"???

Anonymous said...

I think David Wenham (Faramir from Lord of the Rings) would make a great Kelsier. Chloe Moretz is really awesome for comedies (Kickass, 500 days of Summer, Dark Shadows) but I don't really like her acting style as much in her more dramatic roles.(Let Me In, Hugo)