Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Rejections

I'm always grateful for the outpouring of support I get whenever I tweet/post about rejection letters. It's very sweet. In fact, it's a little too sweet. I start to wonder if I'm coming off as a little dour.

I realize that I bring up my failures a lot. If you look at my projects page, you'll see that I refer to projects as "actively seeking rejections". In the same vein, I recently added a "Rejection Counter" to the layout of the blog. But if I seem to be self-pitying, I don't mean to. This is a good-natured ribbing. This is supposed to be encouraging for myself. I post it, because if I can talk about it, that means I'm taking it in stride, because I've got a lot of failing left to do.

See, at a certain level getting published is a numbers game. A company that puts out fifty books a year will get tens of thousands of manuscripts in that time period. A lot of that will be crap, but a lot will also be good stuff that just gets passed on. Lots of published authors talk about getting dozens if not hundreds of No's before they get their first Yes. So I look at my Rejection Counter and I see that I've been rejected eight times, that tells me that I've only given people ten or eleven chances to say "yes", and that's not nearly enough if I'm being serious.

So yeah, I'm shooting to get that number up into the double or triple digits before I get seriously discouraged.

But still, I like the outpouring of support, so by all means keep that coming too.


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