Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Friday Flash Fiction Storymatic Update

I thought I'd do something a little different for the month of October. You see, I got this handy deck of Storymatic cards for my birthday, and I have yet to put them to good use. So, for the four Fridays in October, I'll be basing my Friday Flash Fiction entries on The Storymatic.

These are the rules. Draw four cards: two for character, two for plot. Use the content of these cards to construct a story. Regular storytelling guidelines apply: characters should feel reasonably well developed, there needs to be some kind of conflict, and the protagonist should change over the course of the story. And I'm sticking to my Friday Flash Fiction constraints of keeping my story to 600 words or fewer.

And... [drumroll]... here are the cards I've drawn:

October 5

  1. Character: "Eavesdropper"
  2. Character: "Person who takes shortcuts"
  3. Plot: "Road is closed"
  4. Plot: "Bad directions" (serendipitous, these two plot cards--I swear I didn't cheat.)

October 12

  1. Character: "Employee in a fastfood restaurant"
  2. Character: "Person of a different size than most people"
  3. Plot: "First night alone"
  4. Plot: "Wedding"

October 19

  1. Character: "Slacker"
  2. Character: "Person who needs to remove a tattoo right away"
  3. Plot: "Confession"
  4. Plot: "What was that sound?"

October 26

  1. Character: "Practical joker"
  2. Character: "Person with a devastating secret"
  3. Plot: "Enormous stuffed animal"
  4. Plot: "Birthday"
Happy writing!

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