Monday, October 15, 2012

Wisconsin Life Flash Fiction Contest Winner

I have to tip my hat to my wife Abby for finding it: a flash fiction ghost story contest judged by none other than epic fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss. They wanted stories of 600 words or less (which is in my wheelhouse), and so I submitted a story, half expecting to end up recycling it into my Friday Flash Fiction project after it got rejected.

Somewhat unexpectedly, it didn't get rejected. Out of 650 entrants, mine was one of nine winners.

The prize: my story will be produced and aired on Wisconsin Public Radio. Mine will play on October 17th at 6:35 am and 8:35 am (listen to the live stream here). Afterwards, the audio will be available on this page (along with the text of runners-up).

Exciting stuff.


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